Meet Our Doctors

Years of Dedication and Excellence

Our dentists are dedicated to further their educational background to provide patients with the best options for oral health. Our staff continues to train themselves to provide the utmost comfort for patients.

Fahad A. Al-Harbi, BDS, MSD, FACP, DScD

Consultant Prosthodontist

Dr. Fahad is an American board certified consultant prosthodontist at Mazsaf. He is very passionate about Digital and Esthetic Dentistry bringing an artistic eye and technical expertise to every case he treats…

Adel Alagl, BDS, DScD

Consultant Periodontist

Prof. Adel is an American Board certified consultant periodontist at Mazsaf. He has over 20 years of experience in implant placements and performing gum surgeries.

Zainab S. Al-Aql, BDS, DScD, FRCDC

Consultant Craniofacial Orthodontist

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Faisal Alonaizan, BDS, MS, FRCD(C)

Consultant Endodontist

Dr. Faisal and his team are committed to excellence in providing endodontic care to the patients of MASZAF Clinics in a respectful, stress-free and comfortable environment.

Jehan Al Humaid, BDS, DScD

Consultant Pediatric Dentist

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Muhanad S. Al Hareky, BDS, MS

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Muhanad is an American board certified Pediatric Dentist at Mazsaf. He is very passionate about working with kids and making them feel comfortable on the dental chair. He believes in the need to build trust between him and the child. He always try to make sure that every child finds his visit fun and special.

Khalid Al Mulhim , BDS, MScD, DScD

Restorative Dentist

Dr. Khalid is a specialized Restorative dentist at Mazsaf. He is dedicated to using the highest standards in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to treat his patients.

Faisal D. Al-Qarni, BDS, MS, PhD


Dr. Faisal is an American board certified Prosthodontist at Mazsaf. He enjoys making healthy beautiful smiles by restoring function and esthetics in patients with missing teeth.

Reem Abu AlSaud

Consultant Prosthodontist

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Yousif Al Duliajan


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Abdulaziz S. Alamri, BDS, CAGS, MSD


Dr. Alamri is an American board certified orthodontist at Mazsaf.
His passionate is helping the community and his patients to recieve the perfect smile that they always wanted. Dr. Alamri is dedicated to improve the standard of care of the orthodontics profession in the Eastern Provice of Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Hakeem Al Ghamdi

Dental Hygienist

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Our dedicated staff members will guide you through your time with us. Making your time with the dentist more valuable.

"What we love best about our job is to keep patients smiling."

Dental Assistants

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